Nabízíme kvalitní tiskárny na přímý potisk textilu, nejnovější patentované technologie, tisk bílé barvy.

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Service, Support & Training

supportChoosing the right hardware, software and consumables is an import part of your purchasing decision, however, equally as important is your commitment to professional and thorough product training, enabling you with vital knowledge and the necessary skills to operate and maintain your new DTG machine. We strongly encourage you to discuss in depth your training options and long term support with your local DTG dealer.

Furthermore, we also encourage you to discuss periodic service schedules, ink storage conditions, print room environment, ink curing options, graphic software options, in fact, anything that you feel needs clarification.

Take the time to really understand your machine, software and ink chemistry, expect there to be a small learning curve but be safe in the knowledge that the global DTG dealer support network is there to assist you.